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​April 15-18, 2018, 

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Thermal Vision and Scientific Inquiry

7th Annual Air Barrier Association of America’s conference and trade show.
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Building Science and the Physics of Building Enclosure Performance

Washington, DC

October 21-22, 2018

Scott Wood Associates, LLC

SDW at 33rd Int'l RCI Convention- Houston 3/26!

Vented Cladding Assemblies Prevent Reverse Vapor Drive and Allow Vapor-Permeable Water-Resistive and Air Barrier (WRB/AB) Membranes To Enhance Wall Assembly Drying

Scott D. Wood | VaproShield, Gig Habor, WA

The demand for higher-performance wall assemblies that reduce energy consumption, increase sustainability, and effectively reduce heat, air, and water movement is altering assembly design. Low-permeance vapor barriers once thought to improve performance may, in fact, increase interior condensation and trapped moisture in the assembly. Ventilated cladding increases wall drying, reduces the wet time of absorptive claddings, and mitigates reverse vapor drive, allowing permeable WRB/AB membranes to enhance the wall assembly performance. Current design has now changed from a barrier approach to a vapor-open WRB/AB system with a vented cavity to mitigate water intrusion and enhance drying potential.