"I wish to thank you, again, for such a great class; it is clear that you have so very much knowledge to share and that you have been working on the Class for a long time. Five full-days would have been good for me...But, I guess I can't have everything..."
Best regards,
Rich Balliet, Ph.D.
ServiceMaster Rapid Response
Warrendale/Pittsburgh, PA
  Building Science Thermography
2016 Course Calendar:

  Level 1 BST classes:

Just added!
Edmonds, WA
*January, 04-07 2016

* February, 01-04

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*RRCI (formerly Roof Consultants Institute - 32hr CEH


"I have just completed the building science course taught by Scott Wood at ITC. I was blown away by Scott's knowledge and application of thermography as it relates to Building Science. The excitement level was so intense and the material content so high that we almost did not complete the course. As a contractor for 35 years I am humbled by my lack of knowledge in regards to sustainable building practices. There is currently a paradigm shift in this country and a redefining of "green building". Experts like Scott are helping us to look at Buildings as a system and not just individual components. My complements to Flir systems for being on the "cutting edge" with this course. I sincerely hope that there will be an "advanced" building science course in the near future."

Gerry Brady, www.infrarednewengland.com

   SWA Consulting 
"We Train the Experts"

SWA: Level 1 Building Science Thermography

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Aukland, New Zealand with VaproSheild March 14-18, 2015
Melbourne, Austrlaia with AUSPTA March 18-29, 2015
BamCore, LLC onsite JBLM airbarrier, infrared investigation
BEST3, Atlanta, GA
Level III overview for Architects
BamCore, LLC onsite JBLM airbarrier, infrared investigation
IBA Consultants, Miami - Private Level 1 Building Science Thermography class Oct. 2015
Open Level 2 Building Science Thermography class - Seattle Oct. 26-29, 2015

Open Level 1 Building Science Thermography class - Jan. 4-7, 2016 EDMONDS, WA
Open Level 1 Building Science Thermography class - Feb. 1-4, 2016 HOUSTON, TX

ABAA Conference - March, 2016
SeaBec presentation April 21, 2016
Open Level 2 Building Science Thermography Class - 2016 TBA


*May 25, 2012 
TreeHugger.com:  Startup Takes Google Street View Approach to Home Energy Audits
       (Scott Wood Assoc. is on the advisory board)

Where SWA Consulting can assist you:

Using the latest building science technology SWA Consulting provides; building performance, diagnostic studies, performance characteristics, building forensics investigations, leak investigation, using non-invasive inspection techniques and remote sensing technique, for convenient and economical reporting.

Building Envelope Consulting

  • Design Review & Hygrothermal modeling (WUFI®)
  • Building Envelope Thermal & Moisture Analysis (Hygrothermal modeling)
  • Construction Defect Investigations, pre and post evaluation
  • Plumbing Evaluations (hydronic systems, pressure and drain systems)
  • Roofing (evaluation) - Noninvasive Moisture
  • Water Intrusion Location
  • Water Damage Evaluations (mapping)
  • Water testing, Leak Assessments using ASTM, AAMA and ISO standards
  • Noninvasive Air Leakage Inspection
  • Thermal Performance (Noninvasive Insulation Inspection)
  • Green building (evaluations)
  • Voids, Delaminations
  • Noninvasive CMU Grout Fill Inspection
  • Thermal and Air leakage Investigation and Reporting
  • Energy Audit (insulation quality, Weatherization Analysis)
  • Energy Modeling (eQUEST)

Air Barrier Consulting

  • Design Review for Air Barrier, Moisture Barrier & Thermal Barrier Systems
  • Technical Assistance for the Architectural and Construction Professional
  • Air Barrier Installation (evaluation)
  • During build pressurization, infrared thermography and smoke testing to identify air leakage pathways
  • Testing and Verification of the air barrier (determine leakage rates)

Condition Monitoring Instructional Electrical Assessments using Thermography Investigative Thermography
Mechanical Equipment Assessments using Thermography Building Science Air Barrier Systems, Testing and Evaluations 
Water Testing
Businesses that benefit from Scott Wood Associates - Building Science Thermography:

  • Architectural & Engineering Firms
  • Government facilities
  • HOA's and Condo Associations
  • Real estate agents, associations
  • Roofers and associations
  • HVAC businesses and groups
  • Restoration companies
  • Insurance companies, claimants
  • Construction Firms
Mr. Scott Wood, as the Primary Instructor/Consultant for BSI/ITC/FLIR Certified Building Science Thermographer course, not only wrote and crafted all of the course materials but has trained thousands of Building Science Thermographers worldwide.

"Understanding the Building envelope, testing and documentation of heat, airflow, moisture is essential to your business and infrared thermography is possibly the finest method for accurate evaluating and documenting of building conditions."

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